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Monday, October 10, 2011

2nd Congress on 16 Oct 2011

in Japanese(日本語)

End All Re-Detention by Immigration and Get Visa!

    The Second Congress of PRAJ: Provisional Release Association Japan (in Kanto) will be held in Tamachi, Tokyo.
    We, PRAJ, have been acting to stop re-detention and long-term detention by Immigration Bureau and to obtain resident status (visa) since the inauguration on 31 Oct. last year (
    The number of acknowledged asylum seekers in Japan is extremely smaller (only within two digits per a year) than in other countries concluding the refugee convention. In addition, the cases of those detained more than a few years or detained again just a few months after released had much increased in 2009 and 2010. To the contrary, the number of those issued Special Resident Visa had sharply decreased from approximately 8,000 (in 2008) to 4,000 (in 2009).
    In order to stop such tendencies, we organized ourselves into PRAJ which consists of those detained or being in the status of "provisional release," and have fought against Immigration. Currently, re-detention has almost stopped, the number of long-term detention is decreasing, and the period between detention and provisional release tends to be shortened in average.
    However ,we still have many problems. Those provisionally released are prohibited to work and can't get the national health insurance. So we need to obtain resident status. Moreover, we have still some friends who are currently detained for the second or third time or for more than a year. We have not yet completely stopped re-detention.
    Therefore we, PRAJ, would like to have our second congress and discuss what can do by ourselves to obtain resident status or how we should continue to unite and fight against Immigration. We also report our activities.
    We call to all those intending to get resident status in Japan, or hoping to change the immigration policy and system in Japan, regardless of nationality or citizenship: Let's unite! We welcome your participation in our congress.

16 Oct. 2011  1:00 pm
Minato Kinro-Fukushi Kaikan (Minato Hall)map
5min. Walk from Tamachi Sta. (JR-Line) West Exit
1min. Walk from Mita Sta. (Metro) A7 Exit

Miyasako 090-6547-7628
Masuda 080-3421-4060(English available)

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